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Artiste Spotlight: Deitrick Haddon


Deitrick Haddon

One word perfectly embodies this gospel music front-runner: Attitude. Ever since the launch of his solo career in 2002, Deitrick Haddon has not ceased to capture audiences with his stage sprightliness, vocal dynamism and new-millennial style of Gospel music. Starting off with hits such as “Sinner’s Prayer” and “God is Good”  in 2002 and 2004 under Tyscot/Verity Records, Deitrick has grown into a multidimensional artiste with a contagious passion for the things of the Kingdom.

Born on May 17, 1973 to Bishop Clarence Haddon and Joyce Haddon in Detriot, Deitrick began to show a gift for preaching, and gave his first sermon at a young age of 11. Soon he was encouraged to sing with the Unity Cathedral adult choir where his musical talent and ministerial anointing blossomed. Two years later, he was appointed one of the two choir directors. After holding this position for over 15 years, he moved to Florida with his wife, Damita Haddon in the mid-2000s. The ensuing years saw Haddon gaining exposure with the Unity Cathedral choir, Voices of Unity in the release of the albums “Come into This House” and “Live the Life” in 1994 and 1997 respectively. “Lost and Found”, released in 2002, was his breakthrough album, garnering several Gospel award nominations and a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album.

In 2010, Deitrick Haddon debuted his career as an actor in “Blessed and Cursed”, a true story of his beginnings as a Gospel artiste. The movie generated a lot of buzz in the Gospel movie arena. The much anticipated movie, “A Beautiful Soul” was released in May 2012, making Haddon a bonafide Gospel movie star.

His most recent album, “Church on The Moon” was released in 2011 and recieved worldwide acclamation. About his inspiration for the album name, Haddon said, “The word of God says “Let your light so shine before men that men may see your good works”. That is what the moon does- it shines in the midst of darkness, and that is how we are supposed to be as believers. The moon does not give off its own energy or light. It only reflects the light of the sun.  We as believers are not supposed to give off our own agenda or light, but we are supposed to reflect the light of the sun, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the young and the old, stand up in the midst of darkness. Be the church on the moon; be a city on a hill that cannot be hid.”